Regional FAOG Groups

A regional group is comprised of FAOG members residing in a particular geographic region of the country. Each region is defined by the members who organize and participate in the group. Although the national FAOG organization does not facilitate regional group activity, we do encourage members to form/run groups in their area. Groups may utilize the online tools through the members-only section of the FAOG site, and the Communications Committee can help promote regional group news and events on the website. Contact us at

Gray = Bay Area (California)
Dark Blue = Southern California
Yellow = Florida
Green = TX, NM and AZ
Orange = Northeast (NY, NJ, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME)

How often a regional group convenes is determined solely by the group members. Any cost sharing and/or sponsorships of regional events is the responsibility of the group members, and the national FAOG organization will not take on the responsibility of securing sponsorships, accepting payments, etc. for any regional FAOG event. 

How can FAOG support your regional group?
  • Facilitate the creation of a Project (members only) for each regional group (upon the request of a leader of the group) which will be administered by the regional group project leader. A co-leader can also be designated so that two members of the group can administer the Project. The definition of the geographic region of the group will be included in the description of the Project. Members can then sign themselves up, if the geographic region is a fit. Within the group's Project area, you may email all members of the group, store documents and have a discussion forum exclusively for the regional group.
  • Promote regional events on the website calendar of events, upon request.
  • Publish news stories on the website about regional groups and events, upon request. 
  • Educate the FAOG membership on the concept of regional groups.
For more details, or to request assistance with creating a project or promoting an event for a regional FAOG group, contact Jana Moreno, FAOG Communications Committee Chair, at For existing members: Learn more/join an exisiting regional group.