Membership in FAOG allows you to access resources and guidance specific to the Community Foundation field, search the member listing for connections with colleagues, participate in online member forums, attend conferences, participate in free CPE webinars and more.


Benefits of FAOG membership include:
  • Access to resources and guidance specific to the community foundation field
  • Search the member directory for connections with colleagues
  • Participate in online member forums
  • Attend conferences and educational events (note: to attend conferences, professional advisors must be members before registration opens)
  • Start or join regional FAOG groups (varies by region) Learn more >>
  • Participate in free CPE webinars
  • Opportunities to volunteer


  • $300 per community foundation (benefits for an unlimited number of individual staff)
  • $500 for professional advisors serving community foundations (per person)


To become a member of FAOG, the process to join is as follows:
  • Community Foundations: If at least one person at your community foundation is already a member of FAOG, the member designated as Primary can add you as an Additional Community Foundation Staff member at no additional cost. 
  • Professional Advisors: If at least one person at your organization is already a member of FAOG, the member designated as Professional Advisor can add members from the same company as an "Additional Professional Advisor" member. Note: Membership for additional professional advisors is $500 per person and will be calculated during the application process. During conference years, Professional Advisors must be an active member before registration opens, unless they are a speaker or sponsor, to attend the conference. 
  • If nobody associated with your community foundation is currently a member of FAOG, complete your membership application and pay your dues online by credit card to become a member. 

Complete Your Membership Application

For more information about becoming a member, please contact us at