Mentor: A wise and trusted counselor or teacher

Are you new to the Field and still trying to “catch on” to Foundation jargon?
Do you have questions but are not sure who to ask?
Or, are you a seasoned pro who remembers the days of being “the new kid on the block.”
Either way, you can benefit from the FAOG Mentor Program!
The idea behind the Mentor Program is that this relationship will encourage all FAOG members to use one another as resources for learning. You might even make some friends along the way………

Mentors agree to:
        *  Facilitate a supportive, collaborative learning experience for members of FAOG who are new to the Field
        *  Make yourself available to the mentee via email or phone and respond in a timely manner 
        *  Consult with other FAOG members or additional resources in order to answer the mentees questions accurately
        *  Be open to learning something new!
 Mentees agree to: 
        *  Be respectful of your mentors time
       *   Work collaboratively with other mentees to solve problems and answer questions
        *  Ask questions when confused and communicate difficulties to mentors
        *  Be open to learning something new!

Join the mentoring program here: FAOG Mentoring Program

San Antonio Conference Activities:

Meet Your Mentor Reception - Sunday, September 8th 5:00pm at Acenar ahead of the rest of the group
Lunch with your Mentor - Tuesday, September 10th 12:00pm - A few special tables will be assigned at lunch so mentors and                                                         mentees can sit together