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Sunday, September 8
Monday, September 9
Tuesday, September 10
Wednesday, September 11

Sunday- September 8, 2019
1:00pm - 4:00pm - Special HR Session - Navarro Ballroom
HR Session I - Understanding ERISA Fiduciary Rules
Abiy Fisseha, Retirement Plan Consultant

The session will cover ERISA's Fiduciary requirements for proper retirement plan oversight. Understand the implications of non-compliance and current best practices to comply with the rules. The session will include discussion of fiduciary issues for non-profit organizations.
HR Session II - Tools, Tactics and Compliance Issues for Administering Compensation Programs

Hali Croner, CEO, Croner Company
 In 2015, in affiliation with Elaine Lasnik-Broida, The Croner Company acquired the Foundation Survey and now annually produces the Croner Compensation Survey of Foundations, one of the largest and most comprehensive foundation compensation survey in the country.  Hali will provide tools, tactics, and compliance issues for administering compensation programs.
HR Session III -Employee Engagement - Beyond The Golden Rule
E. Paul Bayon, DILAN Consulting Group
What is "employee engagement" and why does it matter? This session examines these topics and offers a dashboard that covers the critical domains within the engagement sphere. Utilizing a hierarchy-of-needs model as a launching pad, this session provides practical solutions that your organization (as an employer) and that you (as a leader within your organization) can implement to increase your employees' engagement. Learn how "the platinum rule" has replaced "the golden rule" within engaged workplace environments and settings and how engagement is a reflection and manifestation of an organization's underlying culture.
2:00pm - 5:00pm Registration Open at the Westin - Navarro Ballroom Pre-Function Area
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5:00pm - 6:00pm Mentor Reception
6:00pm - 9:00pm Welcome Dinner at Acenar

Come meet your colleagues at our conference kick-off event at Acenar.   Join us for a "Welcome to San Antonio" dinner in the heart of downtown San Antonio.  Acenar is one of the largest and most innovative contemporary Mexican restaurants and bars on the San Antonio River Walk. Here you will enjoy Texas regional Mexican dishes inspired by the history and heritage of these two cultures!  
Open to current community foundation members only
146 E Houston St,
San Antonio, TX 78205
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Monday- September 9, 2019

Open Plenary - David Robinson
FAOG welcomes David Robinson to kick off our 4th conference at the Opening Plenary. A ten-time NBA All-Star, a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, an International Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee and an advocate for the youth, Mr. Robinson will share his personal reflections from basketball to philanthropy.
Comparing Options for CRM (Raisers Edge, Community Suite, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics) 
The development side support of the current software solution offerings vary.  Implementers of these different systems will share how these tools have benefited their foundation.

Leadership Transition Issues / Succession Planning
Are you anticipating a leadership transition in your foundation (CEO, CFO, executive team)?  Have you been through a leadership transition recently?  Please join us in listening to and learning from finance executives of foundations who have recently had leadership transitions - what worked well, what didn't work well, what they wish they had prepared for, how to balance fresh perspectives vs. historical knowledge, etc.
HR Focused Session

Conservative Rainmaking: The Subtle Art of Balancing Revenue and Risk
Lani Starkey, Founder, Fifty Rock Consulting, LLC
There are many strong characteristics of a successful development operation.  Most notably of them, it is the organization’s ability to generate and grow its gift revenue year after year.  In a vacuum, this talent might be the only characteristic needed.  However, if the charity’s rainmaking ambition is not tempered with savvy restraint, then the nonprofit runs the risk of incurring undesirable financial liabilities and/or staff time inefficiencies.  In either scenario, organizational performance and donor relationships invariably suffer.  This session will discuss select “high reward/questionable risk” planned giving vehicles and non-cash assets that are often offered to charity.  This session will use many real-life donor case studies and share the decision-making process within them.

Managing Minefields...The Challenges Managers Face
Constance Norton, Office Managing Shareholder, Littler 

We will share video vignettes which cover a series of workplace situations being discussed by three human resources professionals attending an employment law conference. Each scenario dramatizes a situation faced by one of the human resources professionals, how their manager struggled to address it, and how they advised their manager in navigating the situation. Through this framework, the viewer is offered unique insight into a partnership model between management and human resources. The program is divided into four minefields:  (1) Employee complaints of potential harassment; (2) Adverse performance management practices; (3) Emerging complaint areas; and (4) Inadequate response and investigation procedures.  The video vignettes serve as a springboard for training discussions that help deliver key teaching points that arise from each scenario and provide an opportunity to highlight key takeaways for avoiding these minefields.  HR Focused Session

On A Shoestring: Spend-Rate Planning
Jonathan Brelsford, SVP of Finance & Investments, The Pittsburgh Foundation
David Center,  Managing Director, Fund Evaluation Group
Diana Champ Davis, VP of Capacity & CFO, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
Brandon Parrish, Portfolio Manager, Brown Advisory

Community foundations face a daunting challenge. We need to generate returns in excess of required spending rates, but we also need to invest prudently, guard against short-term draw downs and preserve capital over the long term. This panel will introduce a framework to help understand the risks and levers that can be pulled to modify results over time and an opportunity to learn from best practices and experienced colleagues in the field.

Regional FAOG Groups Meetings
During this session, participants will learn how the national FAOG organization supports regional FAOG groups.  This session will also feature a panel of FAOG members who are involved in organizing events for existing regional FAOG groups.  Learn from existing group leaders how a regional group can be created and managed. 

Legislative Updates:  A Landscape More Complex Than Ever

Robert L Waldman, Partner, Venable LLP
Community foundations across the country are stepping up to lead positive change through advocacy and participation in the legislative process.  At the same time, there is a continuing call for greater regulation of donor advised funds.  National, state and local legislation shapes the lives of everyone in our communities in significant ways.  You will hear from a counsel to many community foundations, nonprofit organizations and international philanthropies on the rules for navigating through an increasingly complex legislative landscape along with possible legislation that may impact charitable organizations.

Core information System Reviews

Chris de Lastic, Director, Finance & Accounting, Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta
Elizabeth Gordon, Controller, Central Florida Foundation
Megan Warrick, EVP & CFO, Central Florida Foundation
Over 400 community foundations are in limbo with the aging FIMS platform.  These proactive actions will help prepare these foundations for the eventual transition from FIMS.

Mission Aligned Investing - From Ideas to Impact
Stuart Comstock-Gay, President & CEO, Delaware Community Foundation
Bert Feuss, Senior VP, Investments, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Brigid Peterson, Investment Committee Member, Baltimore Community Foundation
Rosanne Potter, Senior VP & CFO, Cleveland Foundation
Come hear from peers the journey of aligning the goals of an investment portfolio to the mission of a community foundation, by forming partnerships, exploring different options and educating board, staff and donors on the other 95%.

Helping Communities in Times of Despair

Jennifer Ballersteros, Philanthropic Advisor, Philanthropy for Business, San Antonio Area Foundation 
Mike Pawson, CFO, Greater Houston Community Foundation
Jenny Praytor, Donor Services Coordinator, St. Louis Community Foundation

This session will focus on two things: 1) how community foundations can provide vital assistance to their communities in times of natural disaster by creating and managing Disaster Relief Funds and 2) how community foundations can partner with individual companies to assist their employees in times of personal financial hardship—caused by either natural disaster or personal emergency-- through Employee Relief Programs

How Finance and Technology Can Support Your Strategic Plan

Cybil Guess, VP of Donor Services, Austin Community Foundation
Jeff Sauter , CFO & Administrative Officer, Arizona Community Foundation

Community foundations across the country are going through strategic planning processes and have identified opportunities for increased community impact. At the same time, they are faced with threats from competition, changing trends in philanthropy, and stagnant technology. Find out how finance and technology staff are supporting the execution of strategic plan initiatives that focus both internally and externally. Hear case studies from community foundation staff for internal initiatives such as the improvement of business processes and technology implementations as well as externally facing initiatives such as product optimization and cost study analysis.

Accepting Funds With Individually Managed Investments
Dwight Canning, VP & CFO, St Louis Community Foundation
Alyssa Federico, VP & Director of Finance, Foundation for the Carolinas
Grace Sacerdote, EVP & CFO, The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida

William Thorpe, Chief Marketing & Development Officer, Mason Investment Advisory Services
This session will explore the aspects of managing and coordinating multiple investment advisors and/or custodians.  The goal of this session is to show the opportunity and challenges of adopting this type of strategy to grow Community Foundation donors and assets.  You will hear from 3 Foundations that have employed this strategy and how they have came to the decision of allowing separately managed investment pools and how they manage it internally.

Maximizing Efficiency
Could your Foundation operate more efficiently?  If not, don’t bother attending:).  If you would like to continuously improve your Foundations processes, including core functions like entering gifts and grants, maximizing the efficiency of your general ledger, improving banking controls and processes, and increasing overall operating efficiencies then this session will be valuable.  Please join other foundation finance executives about the "magic bullets" (aka process improvements) that they have implemented to make their Foundations operate more effectively.

6:00pm - 9:00pm - Dinner at Biga on the Banks sponsored by Mason Companies
Join us for a special evening in a private rooftop dining room overlooking the river.  Selected by Gourmet Magazine as one of the "top five restaurants in Texas," Biga on the Banks delivers fine dining with a Texan accent. Enjoy Chef Bruce Auden's creative cuisine while reveling in the views on the River Walk.
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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Colonial Consulting FAOG Survey/Investment Outlook
Michael Miller, Chief Investment Officer, Colonial Consulting, LLC
This session will review the latest performance results across the community foundation field and will review the opportunities and areas of concern present for long-term investors.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Non-Cash Gifts
Joe Carter, VP Development, Oklahoma City Community Foundation
Rhonda Godwin, VP of Administration, Oklahoma City Community Foundation
Helen Stone, Director of Strategic Operations, Oklahoma City Community Foundation

This session will focus on the three dimensions of gift acceptance beginning with development, administration of assets, and best practices in finance. Development activities at times seek to provide solutions for donors with complex issues, but a good strategy for a donor may create demands on the foundation. Learn how accepting gifts of non-cash assets such as closely held stock, real estate, oil and gas interests and entire estates can be great assets for the donor to gift but what are the consequences on administration and finance.

Today's CFO, Strategic Adviser and
Brett Huntkins, EVP of Finance & Administration, Community Foundation of Greater Flint
Isaiah Oliver, President & CEO, Community Foundation of Greater Flint

The Community Foundation landscape is growing increasingly complex for both external and internal reasons.  The CFO can play a helpful role in working with the President and the Board to define strategic advice, while also working to integrate the Foundation's activities to help achieve strategic alignment.  This session will emphasize one Foundation's experiences with a new CEO and a new EVP of Finance & Administration, who joined the community foundation with both private and not-for-profit background.  We will share what has worked smoothly, what has taken time to develop, and what we are looking at for the future.

Cyber Security: Are You Prepared?
David Anderson, Manager & Information Security Consultant, Clifton Larson Allen
This session will help the CFO prevent, manage, and mitigate cyber intrusions and breaches.  Case studies and examples of what to do and not do will be discussed, along with tips on how to best protect your network infrastructure.

Technology Trends – Financial Accounting and Beyond
Jay Donato, Investment Manager, The Pittsburgh Foundation
Alyssa Federico, VP & Director of Finance, Foundation for the Carolinas
Ed Padar, Controller, Greater Houston Community Foundation

Community foundations are struggling with the complexity of supervising investment management at the oversight level as well as in the internal management and reconciliation of increasingly complex investment portfolios.  The number of 3rd party investment accounts at community foundations has increased drastically in the past few years causing a monthly reconciliation logjam.  Your peers will share how they are or want to be able to manage these challenges.

What's New in the World of FASB?
Elizabeth Dollar, Partner,
Moss Adams LLP
Laura Roos, Partner, Moss Adams LLP

With the implementation of the new financial reporting standard for not-for-profits behind us, we can now look ahead to what is coming next.  This session will cover the new Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) updates that will impact community foundations including grants and contributions, revenue recognition, leases and more!

Growing Pains – Managing Growth in a Community Foundation
Is your community foundation experiencing growing pains?  No matter if growth is slow but steady, or rather the result of a single large gift, it impacts the finance and administrative functions of a community foundation in many ways.  Hear from community foundation staff who have experienced these “growing pains”; learn how community foundations have successfully tackled growing pains, as well as lessons learned. Also during this session the results of a Community Foundation Growth survey will be shared which will provide useful insights to help community foundations plan for how growth will impact the finance and administrative functions.

Nuts and Bolts of Launching a Place-Based Impact Investment Initiative
Melanie Audette, VP, Mission Investors Exchange
Patti Chandler, VP Finance & Administration, Baltimore Community Foundation

Coralie Pledger, CFO, Austin Community Foundation
The concept of place-based impact investing has taken hold across the country and it makes sense for community foundations to take a leadership role in putting assets to work to address their communities’ greatest needs. Unlike traditional philanthropy that typically relies on grants, community foundations have created new initiatives that invest in nonprofits, community development organizations and social purpose for-profits entities for local impact. Learn the various ways that community foundations have structured their programs including their sources of funds, governance, types of investments, focus areas, risk management and underwriting processes.

Business Continuity Planning

Sundeep Bablani, Director of IT Audit, CliftonLarsonAllen
The course is designed to provide an overview of disaster recovery/business continuity planning. It would include discussions on risks as well as the need to prepare a business impact analysis. This course will help identify current industry standards and best practices.   

A Voice for Investors - Investment Stewardship Best Practices
Rob Main, Head of Portfolio Company Engagement, Analysis & Voting, Vanguard
Well-governed companies perform better over the long term. When companies generate value over the long term, the funds generate value for our investors. To ensure the portfolio companies are well governed, investors must maintain a disciplined, principles-based approach to governance that encompasses analysis, engagement, and voting. This session focuses on the investment stewardship best approach, grounded in the four pillars of good governance, that has fostered robust dialogue with companies and improvements to board composition, executive compensation, governance structures, and board oversight of strategy and risk.

Tax and 990 Update
Tracy Paglia, Partner, Moss Adams, LLP
This session will cover all that is new in the tax exempt world.  We will review the latest guidance surrounding tax reform as well as updates in the Form 990 and 990T.

Alternative Investments in Action:  Understanding the Opportunities Ahead
Karen Florez, Investment Manager, Minneapolis Foundation
Dan Parker, Deputy CIO, Texas Tech University
Venu Shamapant, Investment Committee Chair, Austin Community Foundation
Glenn Stotts, Investment Committee Member, Austin Community Foundation
As community foundations increasingly seek active and diversifying strategies to drive higher returns and to protect investment portfolios against financial downswings, this panel will dive into the current landscape of alternative investments, including private equity, venture capital, real estate and hedge funds.  How can these investments integrate into a more passive and traditional asset allocation?  What are return and risk expectations for alternative investments?  What are the unique opportunities and challenges for investment committees to consider?  What are best practices for implementation to achieve long-term portfolio objectives?  This panel will discuss these important and timely topics.

Internal Controls / Risk Assessment
Brett Huntkins, EVP of Finance & Administration, Community Foundation of Greater Flint
Grace Sacerdote, EVP & CFO, Community Foundation for Northeast Florida

How do you evaluate the risks your Foundation faces, and respond to the risks that have been identified?  For financial or accounting risks, how tightly fit are internal controls to those risks?  Do you have controls in some areas that outweigh the risks posed?  Community Foundations frequently find themselves with scarce resources and attempting to engage donors who may be reluctant to fund operations.  How can you optimize resource allocation and mitigate risk exposure at the same time?  This session will provide insights from those who have implemented risk assessments and those who are wrestling with doing so.

6:00pm - 9:00pm - Dinner at Maverick Brasserie sponsored by Blackbaud
This evening you will enjoy dining at Maverick Brasserie which is one of the latest and greatest additions to San Antonio, offering a unique French-Texas menu in addition to a vast menu of drinks.  As a Texas brasserie, Maverick features a menu that focuses on Texas ingredients with dishes that are classically prepared(mostly cooked over a live wood fine). 
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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How To Prepare for and Implement A Core System Conversion
There is a best practice for evaluating alternative software vendor product offerings.  Several of your colleagues will share how they have approached this daunting process with a strategy for comparing and evaluating vendor product options.

Small/Medium/Large Community Foundation Roundtables - (definition of small vs. medium vs. large to be determined based on information gathered during early bird registration)
Join your FAOG colleagues working in similar sized community foundations for an open discussion on a variety of topics.  Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and share valuable information with their colleagues during this session.

Conference concludes at 11:00am.  Box lunches will be provided.